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Cable Cardie

Cable Cardie

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Intermediate Knitting
Knitted in reverse stocking stitch with a simple cable decoration on the fronts, back and sleeves, the garment is knitted in separate pieces (2 half fronts, back and sleeves) up to the armholes.  The pieces are then all placed in order on the one circular needle to be worked in one united piece.  The raglan shaping of the shoulder seams takes place whilst you are knitting all the pieces together on the circular needle, which means that you eliminate the sewing of the shoulder seams, but will still need to sew the side and sleeve seams.

The length of the sleeves and body of the garment can easily be adjusted to suit (just knit less or more rows in the unshaped sections, as required).

Age: 3 – 6 months (6 – 12 months, 1 - 2 years, 2 - 3 years)
Garment Width: 22 (29, 35, 42) cm
Garment Length to Armhole: 10 (13, 16, 20) cm
Sleeve Length to Armhole: 13 (20, 26, 32) cm                                    

Main Colour: 2 (3, 4, 5) 50gm balls Adorn Silky Merino DK 
Contrast Colour: 1 X 50gm ball Adorn Silky Merino DK  
Buttons (1cm  - 1.25cm): 7 (7, 7, 8)
Tools: 4mm & 3.25mm x 60cm circular needles, 4 stitch holders, stitch markers, blunt needle for sewing up.

24 sts and 32 rows to 10cm in pattern used for fronts and back (stocking stitch with cables)using 4mm needles and Adorn Silky Merino DK.

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