• Passion to profession. Wool Baa is the result of a hobby turned side-hustle then vocation.

  • Slow fashion. Expert knowledge. Inspired projects.

    We pride ourselves on supporting you at every stage of your project. The exact, right materials and tools.

    Our exclusive, in-house Wool Baa pattern designs will inspire your next gift or treasured item.

    Gain the skills you need with a lesson or troubleshoot with us when we're in the store.

  • "Knitting rewards me three times over: the entertainment and enjoyment of knitting; feeling great wearing the pieces I've created; and participating in sustainable fashion."

  • Kate Strikker is a pattern designer and teacher of knittingand crochet.

    Kate's Grandma taught her to knit at a very early age, and she has barely stopped since - these days she rarely leaves the house without her knitting bag. Initially Kate trained as a Maths teacher, but when her kids came along she was able to keep up with the knitting community through her stitching group and Ravelry while she was on parental leave: she found that knitting was vital for her mental health.

    A stint living in Norway showed her that knitting could be a career, not just a hobby, so on returning to Australia she got involved with pattern writing and testing. This led to working as a professional pattern-writer for Australian Country Spinners (now Australian Yarn Co), writing for the brands Patons and Cleckheaton. She also learned to crochet while at ACS!

  • Wool Baa started in 2002 as a yarn store in Albert Park,Victoria before moving to its current location in Bay Street, Port Melbourne,in 2018. Offering classes, expert advice, and comprehensive supplies the storeis beloved by locals.

    Founder Leonie Ball, a skilled teacher and pattern designer, retired in 2021. Kate took the ram by the horns and became the Wool Baa's new owner. Her designs and classes embrace modern knitting/crochet techniques and tools.

  • Ancient craft, modern take

    What can a centuries old craft have left to offer?

    Lots! Here at Wool Baa, we love helping people discover knitting and crochet for their mental health and cognitive benefits, opportunities to connect with community, their increasing recognition as an artform (yay, yarn bombers!) and the approachable creativity it offers.