Sock Club

Over the 4 days of Sock Club, we'll knit a sock together, maybe even a pair! Sock Club days are held one day per month to give you time to complete each section before the next session.

Day 1: Getting Started
Day 2: Heel Flap
Day 3: Turning the Heel
Day 4: Grafting the Toe

Assumed knowledge: casting on; knit and purl stitches

Please bring:

  • 100g ball (or 2x 50g balls) 4ply sock yarn
  • Sock yarn swatch
  • Either double-pointed needles (DPNs), 100cm circular needle, or 23cm circular needle in a size that gives you 30sts/10cm on your swatch. This is going to be between 2mm-2.75mm, but everyone's tension is different. Accurate tension is vital for the sock to fit.
  • Notebook and pen for taking notes. You are welcome to video my demonstrations on your phone for personal use.

    Instructions for swatches to bring to class

    Sock yarn swatch: Using 2.5mm needles (or whichever size you think you'll get closest with), cast on 40sts.

    Work in stocking stitch for 5cm and cast off loosely. Gently steam swatch to lay flat, then measure 10cm across the centre of the swatch.

    If more than 30sts in 10cm, repeat swatch with larger needles. If fewer than 30sts in 10cm, repeat swatch with smaller needles.